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Now the Drinking club with a Running problem !

Ex Baghdad HHH Reunion - Sunday May 16th 2021

Update on June 9th from Jim and Trish:-

Dear fellow Baghdad Hashers,

 It's now June and time to make decisions. We have decided to postpone this year's reunion until next year.

 Although lockdown is being raised bit by bit, we still really don't know how safe things will be by September, and many of us are in high-risk groups. It also seems likely that there may be a second wave of infections by September. Add to that our habit of dangerous activities like running(?) in close-knit packs and sharing the same glasses for drinking down-downs.

 Some of you have already told me that you wouldn't be coming because of worries about the virus, so you can now relax knowing that you won't be missing out.

 We have had long discussions with Andy Offler and with Tim and Mya ( who were planning to do next years reunion), and decided to put everything back by a year. So Tim and Mya will hope to do their one in Crete in May 2022. However rather than having a whole 2 years between reunions we have decided to hold ours in May next year. Hopefully many of you will have already pencilled that in for a reunion anyway. With a bit of luck the weather will be a repeat of this year.

 I am still in negotiations with the hotel and other things we had organised, but it looks as though we will be able to transfer everything to a new date. This should be from Sunday evening May 16th through to Wednesday morning May 19th 2021. I will confirm this and send out new booking details as soon as I can.

 The hotel have confirmed that they will accept cancellations for bookings made for this year's reunion.

 So that's it. With a bit of luck we won't have to postpone a second time.

 On On and stay safe

 Bionic and W**ch Doctor (Jim and Tricia)



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